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Brunch chats – Shoes!

Bonjour mes amours!

So here is little old me, sitting here and eating some late brunch with a strong dose of caffeine pumped through a straw, and wanting to talk about some of my favourite styles, fashion and even designers with someone I can chat with and have a full on conversation.



What do you know? I thought of my lovely amours and here is the first post of my brunch chats on my very own blog.

Okay, so gossip. I can’t be the only one in love with the Jimmy Choo x Cara Delevingne ad. I know, a little late as per usual but I just wanted to mention those shoes, and that dress! Girl, I would save up for that pair of shoes and not even lose a minute of sleep. Of course I would probably have to start building a shoe closet if I start buying all my dream shoes.
A small closet, because lets be honest, I may love fashion accessories but I am picky as hell. After all for a girl (or a boy, I’m not judgy) fashion and style is the armour in face of reality.


So back to that studded pair of boots. That swag, the walk, shimmering red dress, can we all agree that she rocked it! I dream of that shoes. I love those shoes. I will have my cake and eat it if only I could get my hands on a pair. They’re out of stock everywhere. Noooooooooooo

As for the catcalling controversy, maybe I’m sheltered or it just doesn’t happen where I live but I didn’t notice it? Like it’s an ad for shoes and the dude was all like “Nice shoes lady.” Is that catcalling? I thought it was suppose to be kinda punny? You know, like it’s a shoe ad, and where normally people look at your body and comment they were commenting on your shoes? Like they stole the limelight? Please enlighten me my fellow online surfers because when I first saw it I kinda agreed with the guy. Nice shoes! lady.

This is a conversation so let you feelings flow here. And please don’t roast. It’s genuinly just a question.

kisses and hugs,





Worth the splurge!

Ok let me say that I am a girl who likes her luxury. Wether it is travel, that bag with the beautiful design or that one pair of shoes that is comfortable and exactly in your style is what I consider to be worth the splurge. Of course these are a splurge – that is worth it. Guilt free and something that is worth the money it costs – which usually end up on the high end of the scale.

The high cost might give you a pause and a lot of hesitation however these items are usually not ones that provide instant gratification but rather give back on your investment over long periods of time.

envelope bags


Starting a new work? You need to buy the proper professional wardrobe with quality in mind – that can cost you a full paycheck if not more. Your image is the first thing that anyone sees and you need to look like you’re confident in your abilities so that your boss can give you responsibilities that you look like you can handle it. So those shoes, suits and blouse that fit but costs a bit more? Buy it, buy them with confidence- they are your best friend.

Can I say traveling? Now when I say travel I don’t mean you splurging on a 5 star hotel, buying tickets and packages at their full price but rather for the experience- are you in Thailand? But the elephant ride is a bit costly? Check online and think about if you will regret it. Will you be back anytime soon? No? Then do it despite the cost because come on a ride on an elephant… amazing memory right here.



Ok, now onto shopping for real. That bag and those shoes? If it is the style you want with the quality you are looking for. Buy it, buy it now because finding those are rare, and you will look back and regret it. The bag is multi purpose, one you will use for a long time and has a great value? Worth the splurge. You get all your investment back two fold. You can bring it everywhere- again quality vs quantity here. Same with shoes too. There is an item that you use everyday- you need to be comfortable, look good –  in your professional and personal life.

did I answer the question here? Or did I just babble on… please tell me to stop if you don’t think it’s good in comments and if you did like it say so…. I’m super friendly… introvert.




Something pretty to look at.

Online shopping vs In Store shopping – which should you choose?

I blog about, fashion, design, food, travel and whatever else catches my fancy and for this weekend I thought about shopping. My best friend is graduating and has ordered a dress from her favorite online store, but has back ups if necessary for the big day, but options right? This got me thinking about shopping.


I would like to say that I’m all for technology and options but online shopping is just not for me. I prefer to be able to see the clothes, try it on, feel the fabric and walk around a bit before buying anything. However there is something called online shopping and my friends love love love it. They have more options, more size availability and even a hassle free way to do  quick shop and get on with your day without taking the full day.

I’m still convinced that in store shopping is the best way to shop for clothes so I have made a pros and cons list for both.

Why shopping in store is ….Better?

1. As I mentioned earlier, you can try on an outfit, what looks good on other might not on you after all. When you buy that outfit you know that you are getting what looks good on you, and that it fits you perfectly.

2. This is considered the reliable method, despite the booming sales in online stores, a massive 85% of people still prefers to shop in the old brick and mortar stores. That many people can’t possibly be wrong right?

3. The instant gratification. Come on you buy it and you have it, while online shopping is a bit annoying as you have to wait days, sometimes longer if it gets lost, and don’t even mention having to organize where you can pick it up – work, home? Can you pick it up from the mailman if you’re at work at that time? So many uncertainties there for me…. 🤔

4. Have you signed onto a sit for something and get constant spam email. Everyday, every morning and before you sleep. Can I say annoying? With in store there is no such things so hurrah.

5. Now you can’t really drunk shop can you? Specially in store, can you imagine having access to the shops, when you’re drunk and imagine the bill the next morning… 😅


Is online shopping better?

1. You can control how much you’re buying. Impulse control girl!! That way you know to stay within your budget.. at least that what they say. I don’t know how…I feel like he more sales you see the more likely you’ll buy…maybe that’s just me…meh.

2. Convenience. You can do this anywhere, anytime. No hassle, no nothing. You can buy that dress from home in your pjs while eating ice cream if necessary. Or at work in your coffee break because you need a treat right now. You don’t have to spend the whole day shopping for that one item.

3. Remember that loud crying kid, and the overwhelming crowd rushing into the store for sales? Yeah me too.. but here with online shopping you don’t have to be squeezed in a crowded place, at the back of a long snake of a line whether it’s at the queue, or the changing rooms.

4. The variety you get is so much better! You practically have the whole world as your shopping center here…



Even after the long list I still haven’t made up my mind yet. I guess it’s all about moderation right? I might still prefer in store shopping though for more obscure ones, or books (safe option) I would go for the online stores.

Which do you prefer?



City Night Life

Love, Shoes or Money? Pick just one.

Have you noticed how for every event you need a different type of shoes? Have you seen the variety, style, sizes, or even the colour choices? Let’s not forget about the season appropriateness of the shoes. ‘Shoes are a necessity’, something no one can deny. The footwear industry itself is a multi-billion dollar sector of our modern economy. Last year alone the general population spent $29,750,000,000 in footwear alone in the US.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-00-27-43-copyAs someone that has a shoe collection, small as it might be (I have more than 20 pairs), I have participated in this circulation. Not to say, as the media like to proclaim, that I’m a shoe-aholic, at this point it is a necessity and not an addiction to continue our life-style.I do not have a problem with managing my money or shopping till the max of my credits. I have runners, flats, heels, sandals, hiking boots, summer boots, and even thick boots for winter and I still have some for my saving account.
Before you judge just try to count how many you have and how many have a specific function in your lifestyle – if you’re a runner, hiker, cyclist, even surfer do you not have a separate pair of shoes for the mountains, beaches or a different one to use depending on the weather?

For those that love shoes, and go shopping and the first thing you gravitate towards is the shoe section or the heels, how can I condemn it? It can make you look elegant, give you the support for a proper run, even give you confidence in your steps up a hike. The importance of shoes in sports, fashion runway, even everyday life is without a doubt unsurmountable.

The shoes, as anyone who has a sense of style will know, complete an outfit. It is not a fashion drama meltdown but rather something all of us know and accept. There is no if’s but’s or maybe’s about it. Have you ever seen a beautiful ball gown? If you are wearing an elegant heels then you completed an outfit or if you’re wearing boots a statement. The shoes make a statement. What it says depends on the rest of your outfit but make no mistake the shoes make the outfit.

Don’t get me started about footwear upkeep and maintenance shall we?

So let’s give this under-appreciated, underrated and vilified a round of applause.