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Brunch chats – Shoes!

Bonjour mes amours!

So here is little old me, sitting here and eating some late brunch with a strong dose of caffeine pumped through a straw, and wanting to talk about some of my favourite styles, fashion and even designers with someone I can chat with and have a full on conversation.



What do you know? I thought of my lovely amours and here is the first post of my brunch chats on my very own blog.

Okay, so gossip. I can’t be the only one in love with the Jimmy Choo x Cara Delevingne ad. I know, a little late as per usual but I just wanted to mention those shoes, and that dress! Girl, I would save up for that pair of shoes and not even lose a minute of sleep. Of course I would probably have to start building a shoe closet if I start buying all my dream shoes.
A small closet, because lets be honest, I may love fashion accessories but I am picky as hell. After all for a girl (or a boy, I’m not judgy) fashion and style is the armour in face of reality.


So back to that studded pair of boots. That swag, the walk, shimmering red dress, can we all agree that she rocked it! I dream of that shoes. I love those shoes. I will have my cake and eat it if only I could get my hands on a pair. They’re out of stock everywhere. Noooooooooooo

As for the catcalling controversy, maybe I’m sheltered or it just doesn’t happen where I live but I didn’t notice it? Like it’s an ad for shoes and the dude was all like “Nice shoes lady.” Is that catcalling? I thought it was suppose to be kinda punny? You know, like it’s a shoe ad, and where normally people look at your body and comment they were commenting on your shoes? Like they stole the limelight? Please enlighten me my fellow online surfers because when I first saw it I kinda agreed with the guy. Nice shoes! lady.

This is a conversation so let you feelings flow here. And please don’t roast. It’s genuinly just a question.

kisses and hugs,





The New Vintage!

Can we talk about the sweatshirts, t-shirts and the vintage outfits running down on every designer catwalks? Because I have some great vintage clothes. Then I see that they don’t really want vintage. They look vintage, combined with some of the more modern patterns of floral and new personalities of the 21st century, they are not in actuality vintage.

So what do I do? I will buy the new accessories, match it with some vintage and then walk the street feeling great?  Have some great long coat and you are effortlessly chic. All I want to say is that this season is the one for me.


Winter Coats!

Some seasons your style goes out the door but this season – for those of us in love with the vintage, classic glamour and arts! this season is open season – for this girl!

Costumes, Makeup, Music … Action

Halloween is tomorrow! For those of us that celebrate it that is. When my family and friends go out we spend the whole afternoon celebrating halloween. This blog is about how I spent my day for Halloween and maybe you can take some ideas for yourself!

For the early day, we had a small pumpkin carving party. To prepare we bought pumpkins and reminded everybody on the group-chat to bring your own pumpkin. <Tip!: Make sure to prepare some knives, big bowls for the guts and a large mat/blanket/newspaper to cover the table or the floor>. We prepared group food too. Such as toffee and apple cake, pizzas, turn-overs, and other party foods aplenty. For those over 21 in the US, and over 18 in the most states of the EU we bought some Gin, beer, and mixers – such as 7up, grape-juice, apple juice etc. Some background music for the party and we were set to go.

Once the guests started arriving we drank, ate and made merry.  The whole afternoon after decorating the apartment with dark shawls, pumpkin lanterns and red and white tea light candles we prepared for a night out with halloween costumes and make-up. The girls dressed from David Bowie and Beyonce to Comic Book character and G-dragon back up dancer.

The club, RnB club, we went to was filled with halloween goers, dressed up as character from Pretty Girl, Captain America, Suicide Squad and even some classics such as the Beetlejuice and even the classic witch. It was crowded and people were grinding, flirting and dancing to the beat of the music in a floor filled with smoke, steam and lots of hugging and dancing. The atmosphere was awesome though.

On the ride back home one thing I thought was that the club did not play  Thriller by MJ. I, for one thought it was a little sad to an otherwise perfect party.