Lingerie. Sexy as hell – for me, myself and I.

Hello girls and ladies!

I’m curvy.

I have big boobs but not butt to speak of. I’ve flabby bell, chubby fingers and I’m happy with my body. I love my skin, my boobs and my legs. I’ve no complaints. But.

<< Ranting from here: I went shopping for some lingerie today, there was some great sales going on (bargain!), but the ring and cup size was too small! There were some really great fabric choices too – laces and everything pretty. And some that were my size was padded. I already have a pretty sizeable one I don’t need extra padding! Ranting finished>>

When talking about lingerie you can’t not talk about Victoria’s Secret. Those are so pretty and comfortable! The fashion show, on top, is great to watch too! I love them. As I watch it though I feel for those girls – look how high those heels are. Ouch!

Ok! Back to topic. Lingerie makes you feel sexy and powerful. One important thing is you have to get measured and get the right size for your body – it will be super comfortable and will support you properly. Let’s not get started about the confidence boost once you’ve one of these babies on. Even when no one can see them and it’s just for you, you walk confidently down the street and feel extra happy. Like an armour for your confidence – like chocolate. I love chocolate. Chocolate is beautiful.

I think the next blog would be about chocolate. My appreciation of chocolate fudge cake and what a proper fudge cake is!