Evening routine – for my face

Bonjour mes amours!

Okay so from my title you probably know what I’m going to talk about this post. Unfortunately I have several routines. Depending on my mood and the day I have had it changes. For that reason I’m going to give you guys the summary of my routine. I’m thinking of adding and changing it soon to try some stuff my friends recommended me, but that will be for when I have finished my current face wash. Do not do anything to your skin without consulting a dermatologist first. I’m not a professional and this is just a small tips that suits my face and my skin.

To start off, let me just say that I’m talking about this from my perspective only. I had bad break outs when I was a teenager. pimples, white head, blackhead I got them all. I’m just thankful there was no acne. Knowing me, my face will be filled with scars by now if I did. What I did have already was not so great. I just tried everything to cover up or squish out what kept popping up all over my face. Boy was I wrong. Number 1 rule in taking care of your face? NEVER ever use your fingers. They are covered in bacteria and spread fungus every time you touch your face or squish anything.
If you have to pop anything (specially that pimple) use a cotton pad, or tissue and quickly wipe the area with some disinfectant rubbing liquid, or some special toner. Bleed whatever blood pours out from the area (because the whitehead or pimple has basically clogged that area and now there’s some extra blood there) and cover with some mask for 5 minutes or so.
This is again just from my experience and some tips I got from my dermatologist. So please don’t repeat or do anything to your skin without consulting a dermatologist or you could be left with some serious scaring. My dermatologist, she helped me figure out what was what, and where I was going wrong with my skin routine. She told me that I was getting scars because of what I was doing to my face, and using the wrong products for my skin type and she recommended me the type of food I should eat more or less of, what I should have in my face routine and even what to do if there is a breakout emergency and I had to take care of it (emergency only guys!). You have no idea how much I appreciate her. I still go to her for check ups every other summer. Just because I’m so scared of not going. So that’s over 10 years with the same person. So her tips must have been good right?

Sow what do I do nowadays for my face routing before I sleep? Pretty simple and easy I think.

  1. I wipe of any and all make up with some micellar water. I don’t wear much make up and I hate not being able to feel the weather on my face so you can pretty much surmise that it’s really light – so a quick wipe like this works just fine.
  2. Some face foam to wash off any and all residual make up and dirt build up through the day.
  3. Face scrub to get down to the pores.
  4. Then some toner after patting my face dry.pexels-photo-318379.jpeg
  5. If it has been a few day I try a pore strip mask. I have very thin and sensitive skin so I try to use this as little as possible or I would have baby red skin for days on end. So its a bleh. However if I don’t use this – lots of blackheads. Thinking on this the need to use this has lessened over the years so there are some permanent good effects.
  6. a. Gently pat some light non oil based moisturiser.
    b. Or Gently layer on a mask. Now I circulate between sheet mask, light clay mask and a hydration mask because I have dry skin and some oily T zone area.

Disclaimer: I don’t know if it would work for you but this works for me. It worked, so take what you will from that.


Now if you’re anything like me, your face and skin being super sensitive, trying out new routines can be a pain until you find the right brand or product. For me a mixture of french (Yves Rocher) and Korean brand (Face Shop) products work. Unfortunately I live in Europe so Korean products are hard to get by. Luckily for me I bulk buy shit ton of face products whenever I go home so those products will last me a few months. I know I sound high maintenance but when I tried some of the products by the mall here I had the horrible side effect of breaking out in rashes. So I unloaded them on my sister who unlike me does not have such sensitive skin.

Pro tip: when trying out products like moisturisers try them on the inside of your wrists, like foundations. They are one of the most sensitive part of your skin similar to your face. You don’t want to find out you’re allergic to some ingredient after you’ve put the product on your face. No, thank you!

With that I leave you with my somewhat dry and boring evening routine for my face.

kisses and hugs,


How to start at the beginning …. just a few short tips from me.

Ciao bella!

In this scintillating edition of my blog I will focus on getting ‘started’. This short post isn’t about fashion, travelling, or even recipes but rather just a short blurb on one of my running thoughts. A break from my usual blog posts if you will. Beginning


Now I don’t know about you but for me getting started is the hardest part. Once I get going, I can continue on with no problem, I guess I look at it like giving up or quitting if I stop half way, so for me getting started is the breaking point. Preparing everything is fun. Setting the mood is great, but just getting started gives me trouble. Wether that’s putting pen to paper, or starting a new routine or even waking up and getting out of bed with the first alarm – getting started is the hardest part of anything I do.

So to help myself along. I try to start small. Baby steps. Literally. Ok, I love drawing or getting to do any type of arts. Unfortunately, like anything else, getting motivated start sketching is hard. I put too much pressure on the finished piece or the end result and just get crushed before I even start. So what I would do when I feel like just leaving it for another few minutes is simple. Just start small. I try doodling at a small corner. Then if I feel like it, doodle another and another until I feel like I can go on. Once I start the ball rolling it’s all uphill. Same with exercise. Just start small. Go for a walk, or a short 5 minute yoga and then see if you want to continue on.


No pressure.

No stress.

Easier beginning.

With that little tip for you lovelies.

Kisses and hugs,

End of January is near.. I think I might just start reevaluating my goals.. maybe?

Okay now that the New year is starting, let me just say that I needed a new boost now that February is coming on. After all I don’t want to lose my momentum so early on in the year, right?

So for those of us with ‘being more healthy’ as part of the New Years Resolution. Here are 5 snack/drink ideas for those cravings that hits you from nowhere – whether it’s before you sleep or a right before lunch.

Without further ado, here are 5 alternative healthy snack that won’t break your health boost.

1. Okay, you know how there are Super Foods that are really healthy and you go out and buy a big pack so that you can use it up? Well I bought a big bag of Chia Seeds because of all the health benefits (it keeps you full for longer, Omega 3 & 6, calcium & iron etc.) and I now need to put it in as many dishes as possible without getting sick of it.


So I found a recipes for chia seed pudding and even drinks with chia seed that has chia seed as the main ingredient, or sprinkled chia seed in your breakfast/lunch bowls sprinkled on your yoghurt pot or morning cereal.Now don’t just just stop at Chia seeds, try other seeds and spices. Turmeric? amazing for you, seeds and nuts in general are full of vitamins and minerals that are just amazing.

2. Now I know that it is mentioned a lot so 8 glasses of water a day. A glass is measure as 250 ml in my tracking app, so that’s half a bottle of water. I keep it on my desk so when I finish my tea and reach for more drink I have a bottle ready. Also for those of you that hate the taste of water (it does have a taste it felt like it was quite strong when I was a kid) try adding some fruit in it. Fresh berries, lemon slices and going back to the above point a tablespoon of chia seed?

3. Try fermented stuff. Kombucha, kimchi, miso, fermented cabbages, fermented lemonade, or even the humble yoghurt.. anything fermented is good for your gut. They have been part of the staple diet in many countries such as Korea, Africa, Japan and now they are gaining popularity everywhere and for a good reason. From providing ‘good bacteria’ or probiotic bacteria in our digestive system to helping us digest more nutrients and vitamins in our body the benefits are endless. Since it helps strengthen our guts it also helps make our immune system more robust. Did I also mention that there are links to your good mood and your gut? So eat a bit more fermented food and fell the good mood coming.
How about trying more international cuisine. It’s better than the boring salad only diet and you get more taste and flavour per meal. Definitely keeps my mood up, looking forward to all the delicious meals.


4. Okay, the health boost thing is taken care of on one side. Now about that going to the gym 3 times a week thing. Now lets be honest, about a month or two in going to a gym becomes either a chore or a part of your routine. Either way it’s nothing to be excited about. Here is the deal. Doing that muscle training, yoga or sprint classes is all good and everything but it gets a bit bland. Have you tried going to classes instead? Not the hits but rather karate, tennis, boulder climbing, boxercise classes and for those that likes the glam a bit more salsa, hip hop or even ballroom dancing? Add a little spice. Try out those classes as well. Why not? It will still count as exercise and even better the minutes should pass you by easily. I found a wall climbing gym near my workplace and I can’t wait to try it out. (Can keep you posted if you want?)

5. Now that we are getting somewhere with those goals, let’s try creating a habit, after all these resolutions are not short term. Theses goals are not short term but rather lifestyle changes you’re going for (at least I am). Give yourself a break. You will miss a class or indulge in one too many drinks, cake, or a pizza. If you fall off the wagon don’t beat yourself too much and just try again. What I do is keep a ‘swear jar’ for falling off the wagon. So now any time you fall off the wagon pop 5 bucks into it. Once you get in the rhythm of good habits at the 3/6/9 month mark treat yourself to a spa or a massage. Going to a massage increases blood circulation and will help you feel just that bit better about trying again and again.

How are you guys on your New Years Resolution? I for one am getting addicted to the chia seed taste and even the meditating bit of my goals this year! So yay! So with those tips I bid you guys adieu!

kisses and hugs,

Moving – changes, inspirations & shopping?

Do you have that voice in the back of your head when you’re trying to decorate your new home? That just comments on your lifestyle when you’re shopping- like where is this going to go? Why is it that shade – won’t it looked like I had an accident if in this shade (joke, joke)?

No? Just me. Well I like redecorating my place and I can go on forever. In fact this post is about that and my reaction of when I decorate my new place.

So when I shop I shop with value, quality and need in mind. For my home? Doubly so.

Do you have any idea how many hours I spent shopping for a good throw for the couch?
Okay, maybe it was in total an hour or so – but I had to go to several shops, look for interior section, look for throws, room themes, fabric choices, insulation levels, softness, thickness, weight, colour, etc.Autum leaves I’m too picky for my own good.
Should I buy a plant? If so what kind of plant? Where should I place it? How often do I need to water it? Does it need sunlight? What kind of conditions should I keep it at?
Posters on my wall? Paintings? Shelves? Books? A new lamp and other lighting options. What kind of ambiance do I want?

These are the questions I asked myself daily when I was moving to a new place and getting a new opportunity to redecorate. Not buying the big stuff, but the small decorations & touches for aesthetic purposes.

So what you need to do:

Step 1: So I looked what anyone in this modern day and age look. To the Pinterest boards! The inspiration levels skyrocketed! Have a plan. Not of buying the exact same stuff but rather the mood and ambience you want to create; what kind of stuff you would need to transform your place. Have a vision board. Yes? Then to the department stores, to Primark, to Ikea, to the vintage shops!

Step 2: Create a budget and stick to it! This is the hard part but when you have the final product in place you will be so relieved! Now I’m not saying that you should buy low quality accessories that will break next week but rather buy where it matters.IMG_20170923_183744_835.jpgFor me it’s the art, lighting and some organisational stuff. There might be space to DIY some so that you can splurge on that centre piece. Go for it! I did. If you don’t need to buy anything then just skip this step. I needed to because I unfortunately lacked some necessary things when I moved to my new apartment.

Step 3: Clean up your room! Move everything out. And clean up everything so when you finish it will look as if you walked into a new room in a hotel.

Step 4: Finally assemble. Try placing your items in different places. Move around your furniture – moving big furniture really changes a room, try some Fung shui design principals, create zones and try to separately design them. Draw out you room. Some of your furniture is not as big or bulky as you think!

With that in mind why not give your room a spring clean and spruce it up a bit? Remember this is just my way, not a universal law so just have fun with it! Put some music on and roll up your sleeves to get some hard work done!

Tip: Smell is a strong mood setter, so use candles, scent releasing plants, scent diffusers to really put that something extra in your home.

hugs and kisses,



Cat walk

Eat Pray Love – working for inspiration?

Inspirational Looks

Inspirational Choices

Inspirational Ideas.

I think the title gives it away – Inspiration is what you look for in fashion, what you put into fashion and what you want to project in your style and wardrobe. In today’s world where people are finding inspiration in travel, nature, lights, and even from the graffiti around the corner shop.


Inspirational Shelf

So when you are creating your new image what do you look for when you are looking for an inspiration? How do you start? From where you are to where you want to be, who you look up to? What kind of image do you want to present at certain time (at work? with your social friends, at a festival?). With all this how do you even start?

Well the thing is you have to have to pick an image, idea, felling etc. in your head and start shopping. Stick to the one image and stick to it like glue. Your image is what you present to the world. Have a minute to pick your inspiration and go shop your wardrobe. It should incorporate who you are – what your hobbies are, how active you are, where you go to and how often.


Inspirational woman of fashion

Clean and suave? Boho chic? Rocker hard? Go hard, loud, and proud of your style. This is who you are, what describes you; at the end of the day what you picked is your choice.



Cat walk

Cocktail Mix – in styling up?

Mixing brands? Mixing patterns? Mixing basic with couture?

Can it be done? ‘Should’ it be done?

When I was looking for inspiration for an outfit to go out with my friends – I remember a conversation with my friends from way back – in Secondary school (High school for those of you not using the same system as me – Ireland).

Cat walk

Do Not Enter

She told me that her basic style is where the basics are brought up in value, in style and price, by mixing it up with a brand and  my other friend mixes her Louis Vuitton man’s

coat with pretty much every dress when she goes out for drinks and dinner.

I must say that this looks beautiful and I have thought that this was the way to dress since – I am forever traumatised by matching pink tracksuits from my own history – pink phrase. However since then I have met many more people and I’m proud to say that I know at least one person that dresses in one brand only. She dresses pretty much only in Adidas when she wears Adidas – the whole shebang – shoes, tracksuit, socks as one outfit. She looks bang good too.

OCD wardrobe

Mix and match?

So now my question is is the whole “brand synergy” – by mixing you get better outfit – a passing fad or is strict “one brand one outfit” the one that is passing? Would you say that you follow brand synergy or one brand and one outfit? Which one would you say is wrong or right? Which way of dressing makes you look and feel good? Or are you guys like me where you mix and match depending on the day? As in there is no hard right or wrong?



Worth the splurge!

Ok let me say that I am a girl who likes her luxury. Wether it is travel, that bag with the beautiful design or that one pair of shoes that is comfortable and exactly in your style is what I consider to be worth the splurge. Of course these are a splurge – that is worth it. Guilt free and something that is worth the money it costs – which usually end up on the high end of the scale.

The high cost might give you a pause and a lot of hesitation however these items are usually not ones that provide instant gratification but rather give back on your investment over long periods of time.

envelope bags


Starting a new work? You need to buy the proper professional wardrobe with quality in mind – that can cost you a full paycheck if not more. Your image is the first thing that anyone sees and you need to look like you’re confident in your abilities so that your boss can give you responsibilities that you look like you can handle it. So those shoes, suits and blouse that fit but costs a bit more? Buy it, buy them with confidence- they are your best friend.

Can I say traveling? Now when I say travel I don’t mean you splurging on a 5 star hotel, buying tickets and packages at their full price but rather for the experience- are you in Thailand? But the elephant ride is a bit costly? Check online and think about if you will regret it. Will you be back anytime soon? No? Then do it despite the cost because come on a ride on an elephant… amazing memory right here.



Ok, now onto shopping for real. That bag and those shoes? If it is the style you want with the quality you are looking for. Buy it, buy it now because finding those are rare, and you will look back and regret it. The bag is multi purpose, one you will use for a long time and has a great value? Worth the splurge. You get all your investment back two fold. You can bring it everywhere- again quality vs quantity here. Same with shoes too. There is an item that you use everyday- you need to be comfortable, look good –  in your professional and personal life.

did I answer the question here? Or did I just babble on… please tell me to stop if you don’t think it’s good in comments and if you did like it say so…. I’m super friendly… introvert.




Something pretty to look at.

Online shopping vs In Store shopping – which should you choose?

I blog about, fashion, design, food, travel and whatever else catches my fancy and for this weekend I thought about shopping. My best friend is graduating and has ordered a dress from her favorite online store, but has back ups if necessary for the big day, but options right? This got me thinking about shopping.


I would like to say that I’m all for technology and options but online shopping is just not for me. I prefer to be able to see the clothes, try it on, feel the fabric and walk around a bit before buying anything. However there is something called online shopping and my friends love love love it. They have more options, more size availability and even a hassle free way to do  quick shop and get on with your day without taking the full day.

I’m still convinced that in store shopping is the best way to shop for clothes so I have made a pros and cons list for both.

Why shopping in store is ….Better?

1. As I mentioned earlier, you can try on an outfit, what looks good on other might not on you after all. When you buy that outfit you know that you are getting what looks good on you, and that it fits you perfectly.

2. This is considered the reliable method, despite the booming sales in online stores, a massive 85% of people still prefers to shop in the old brick and mortar stores. That many people can’t possibly be wrong right?

3. The instant gratification. Come on you buy it and you have it, while online shopping is a bit annoying as you have to wait days, sometimes longer if it gets lost, and don’t even mention having to organize where you can pick it up – work, home? Can you pick it up from the mailman if you’re at work at that time? So many uncertainties there for me…. 🤔

4. Have you signed onto a sit for something and get constant spam email. Everyday, every morning and before you sleep. Can I say annoying? With in store there is no such things so hurrah.

5. Now you can’t really drunk shop can you? Specially in store, can you imagine having access to the shops, when you’re drunk and imagine the bill the next morning… 😅


Is online shopping better?

1. You can control how much you’re buying. Impulse control girl!! That way you know to stay within your budget.. at least that what they say. I don’t know how…I feel like he more sales you see the more likely you’ll buy…maybe that’s just me…meh.

2. Convenience. You can do this anywhere, anytime. No hassle, no nothing. You can buy that dress from home in your pjs while eating ice cream if necessary. Or at work in your coffee break because you need a treat right now. You don’t have to spend the whole day shopping for that one item.

3. Remember that loud crying kid, and the overwhelming crowd rushing into the store for sales? Yeah me too.. but here with online shopping you don’t have to be squeezed in a crowded place, at the back of a long snake of a line whether it’s at the queue, or the changing rooms.

4. The variety you get is so much better! You practically have the whole world as your shopping center here…



Even after the long list I still haven’t made up my mind yet. I guess it’s all about moderation right? I might still prefer in store shopping though for more obscure ones, or books (safe option) I would go for the online stores.

Which do you prefer?



Cheesecake – pure indulgence recipe!

I realise that I have not posted in April so to make up for it cake! Cake for everyone! Sweets are the bandaid to our soul…(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

So this is a simple  delicious cheesecake – that is no bake, simple and the easiest! Just make sure to do it the day before, so you can leave it to set over night in the fridge. Now back to business.


My cheesecake is in squares. Hurray! for squares \(^ω^\)


For the base of the cheesecake:
150gm of digestive/shortbread biscuits
42.6gm of butter (melted)
43.75gm of sugar

Cheesecake part:
Now here is where you can play around:
200gm of cream cheese
62.5gm of caster sugar
1/2 lemon juice
120 ml of double cream (whipped)
Depending on how indulgent you want you can add another 200gm of cream cheese and mix it with – passion fruit/melted chocolate/Nutella! etc

Steps now:

  1. Crush and mix the base part. i.e: Biscuits, butter & sugar, into fine crumbs. Press the mixture into the bottom of the tin and leave it in the fridge to set.
    TIP1! Try and use a loose bottom cake tin, if this is not something you have at hand – use your normal cake tin, just line it with baking paper. After setting it you should be able to easily slide it out from underneath the cheesecake (biscuits base?…)
  2. Now onto the cheesecake part! Mix the sugar, cream cheese and lemon juice (vanilla extract if you don’t want to use lemon juice) in a clean bowl and beat until smooth. Seriously, until you cant feel the sugar grains (if you don’t want to touch test – until you can’t see it anymore)
  3. Now you have to whip the cream until it doubles in size in another bowl. Take one third and gently fold into the cream cheese mixture from earlier – the air come from the whipped cream so please remember – be gentle. Take another third and fold  in and the final third and fold it in. (if you want to add passion fruit/chocolate/Nutella this is the part you mix it in – just make sure it is do!)
  4. Now you pour the mixture over the biscuit base and gently tap the tin to fill in any air bubble.
  5. Leave it in the fridge over night and Voila! Creamy, indulgent cheesecake! Yum..

Eat, Share and Love it with you friends, family and guests…bring some over to work to share, or bring it over to a birthday party! \( ̄▽ ̄)/ Share the love..

I would just brink it into my room and eat it over a nice cup of fruit tea with honey…



Muses in fashion & arts.1 in a 7 billion.

For my wonder readers, please excuse my ramblings; this is just my random stream of 💭 thought.


What do you do when you’ve run into  a wall? Do you trudge on and continue until you get back into the “groove”? Do you go for a long walk by the river side, warm beaches, take a night out with you friends and recharge? Where do you find your muse?

Searching for inspiration is tiring – would you even call it inspiring when you had it under pressure? For me I loved nature – the sun, the sea, the mountains, the hills; everywhere and nowhere, you name it I likely loved it. This is usually reflected in my art and fashion style- I love things that look natural, the shade, the flow, the fluidity; the genuine article.

After all the original body lifted into a higher being is not the original it rather a distortion, so do I have to find it amazing and inspiring? For me, the answer is no. I love it, I hate it – it’s only my opinion, I can do what I please with it, right? So does this stand mean that this unique experience is my identity, my muse even?

So would Mother Nature then be my muse? I wish. It takes its anger out on me every month, I don’t think it is happy to be my muse if so.

Ha, I still can’t force pen and paper together, unless the mood hits me. All I can write is that when there’s a writers block, accept it, find something beautiful to be inspired by. Write a synopsis; something short, ugly and utterly your feelings; Maybe it will dissolve?

Art allows you to show how you perceive the world around you because no one else in the world looks at it exactly like you!! So even just writing about that is utterly unique and you. So be proud, loud and walk a little brighter because let’s face it there is noe else in this world of 7 billion like you, right?


so here’s me with my random points of blubbering….

thread softly, because you thread on my dreams