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The Bag Lover’s Guide – Introduction

Can we all take a moment and appreciate the beauty of bags! Handbags, clutches, flap bags, mini bags, the large sports bags can I go on or what?

There is nothing to be upset about if you’re addicted to bag shopping! If you’re not into splashing out on a bag, you can still spend a bit on getting that bag that will bring your outfit together.

It makes tracksuit and t-shirts look chic with the perfect bag. It is also functional! You use it for throwing any of your junk you carry – you make-up bag, your phone and other tech, an extra sweater or cardigan, or even flats for when your heels are killing you! It is an essential wardrobe piece. Everyone has one – whether it is for functionality or a fashion statement. It is a staple in our lives. I think what we can all agree is a bag is essential to us!

If you do like to splash a bit on bags then – have you seen those bejewelled one, or the one that has the artwork incorporated into the design? There are waiting lists on some of these bags and some could pay for your holiday! Don’t get me started on the Hermès Birkins. Drool…

This is only part 1 of a series. I’m not sure exactly how we will go about it. By the seasons? designers? or maybe the top 10’s?



Lingerie. Sexy as hell – for me, myself and I.

Hello girls and ladies!

I’m curvy.

I have big boobs but not butt to speak of. I’ve flabby bell, chubby fingers and I’m happy with my body. I love my skin, my boobs and my legs. I’ve no complaints. But.

<< Ranting from here: I went shopping for some lingerie today, there was some great sales going on (bargain!), but the ring and cup size was too small! There were some really great fabric choices too – laces and everything pretty. And some that were my size was padded. I already have a pretty sizeable one I don’t need extra padding! Ranting finished>>

When talking about lingerie you can’t not talk about Victoria’s Secret. Those are so pretty and comfortable! The fashion show, on top, is great to watch too! I love them. As I watch it though I feel for those girls – look how high those heels are. Ouch!

Ok! Back to topic. Lingerie makes you feel sexy and powerful. One important thing is you have to get measured and get the right size for your body – it will be super comfortable and will support you properly. Let’s not get started about the confidence boost once you’ve one of these babies on. Even when no one can see them and it’s just for you, you walk confidently down the street and feel extra happy. Like an armour for your confidence – like chocolate. I love chocolate. Chocolate is beautiful.

I think the next blog would be about chocolate. My appreciation of chocolate fudge cake and what a proper fudge cake is!


Your signature impression.

“A woman who doesn’t wear a perfume has no future.”

– Coco Chanel

Are you a hard-core perfume expert or a lurker in the edges of the “fume-heads”? Perfume is a world of it’s own – from designers to celebrities you see them do it over and over again.

I love perfumes – had a collection since I was 6 years old, follow some blogs around (have you seen Kafkaesque, the best out there to help you ease into the world of perfume and fragrance) and when I’m in the perfume aisle I snoop around for samples.

thumb_DSC_0591_1024.pngNow as to the importance of fragrance. When you hug someone a hello or even walk by them can you smell their B.O? Is that not a complete turn off? How about someone at a date? When you kiss their cheek, do you smell musk and leather or summer night at a festival? Would it be a turn on or a turn off?

The scent of J’adore bring me to my childhood. I can remember my mom preparing for work, going out the door  after a splash of the perfume over her coat. The scent of baking and cooking apples coated in caramels reminds me of my grandmother.

The way I see it shoes complete an outfit and the perfume completes your image. It will leave the lasting impression. Wether you want to look sultry for a special someone or powered up for a conference in a board meeting, fragrance is important. Do you want to smell like you just got out of a gym – a wet dog? Or put together and prepared  – maybe a classic?

Choosing the right fragrance is also important.