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Fashion Hacks – Introduction

Hi everyone!


We all know what we like to wear, where we like to shop, how to hunt for the best bargains and even digging up some clothes from way back that is in season. Here is 5 Fashion Hacks that will give you that satisfaction you get when you get an amazing deal!

  1. Keep everything, even that one that keeps bugging you every time you look at it.

    Now I know. The minimalists are probably planning to murder me right here but hear me out! Look at what is in fashion – the 90’s. Chokers, denim skirts, the blocky colours etc. Now that just shows that fashion cycle around. Keep your clothes. Pack it up once it is out of season and keep it for when it comes around again! Now you have actual vintage and no need to fork out the big buck!

  2. Keep your clothes in tip top condition, after all we all like to look crisp and suave.

    Depending on the fabric and how often you wear them, you need to wash them often. Now the trouble begins when you wash it either too often or incorrectly. Follow the instructions on the clothes. A good tip is to wash them in cold water, with as little detergent as possible. I know dry cleaning is attractive to use to clean everything, but don’t do it too often! The harsh chemicals will ruin your clothes much quicker.

    Fold/Hang your clothes. Woollen sweaters, Cashmere fabrics, leather and other fabrics that are sensitive- they should be folded don’t hang! – They will drag the fabric and ruin the shape/form etc. Hang the coats, shirts, dress skirts, trousers etc. A good hanger will help keep the form/shape of the clothes.

    Keep a rotation going. Don’t wear one thing too much. Wear them in rotation to give your clothes a rest in between. The easiest tip yet!

  3. Quality over quantity as the saying goes

    I know I know. The obvious but with all the money you are saving, buying the better quality will be so much easier right? The quality does not necessarily mean breaking the bank but rather shop wisely. Shop around, check the fabric quality – don’t be fooled by the name, check where it was made etc. Not only will the better quality last longer but will be much friendlier to your skin.You will notice how it is softer, last longer etc.

  4. Move over summer winter is here! Where am I going to put everything?

    This is the part you have to be careful. Storing for long period of time can be dangerous for your clothes if not done properly. Research properly before you do anything. Make sure everything is airtight if in a box – fungus can grow anywhere! Infestation alert! Try using unused luggages, clear plastic bags etc.

    Pack loosely if you don’t want to crease. Hanging items can be stored in clear hanging plastics. Tips time! I recommend washing all garments before storing to remove dirt and protect against moth infestations. (Fungus/Moth depends on the humidity in your area.)

    Wherever you store them, make sure the area is clean, dry, and well ventilated. That means no  attics and basements. Protect against insects and odours – use packets of lavender and/or rosemary.

  5. Crease free life for the go! I hate ironing, but it a necessity. Why? Here are some tips sot make it a touch easier.

    Ironing clothes is so hard! It is terrifying. What if you burn it? What happens when you create creases, what happens if it becomes itchy? Well here are some quick tips. Use an ironing board. That is not an option. It will make a huge difference. They’re wrapped in special material that’s flame retardant and breathable, i.e. steam is able to escape from underneath the item you’re ironing. Nifty right?

    If you don’t have the more modern versions of an iron where you have the option of spraying water/mist while ironing keep a spray bottle filled with clean water near you. Preventing the burning is that much easier.

    If you are however in a pinch – put your clothes on a hanger, while showering the steam will help remove the creases.


A Bag Lover’s Guide – Types Pt2

  1. Satchel

    Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 22.21.58.pngThe satchel is something we can all agree that the modern student needs. The holy grail, that is satchel, has helped generations of uni students carry their daily load of heavy books, laptops and the pencil case to and fro in our daily lives. So how about a last hurrah for them, after you leave them behind for the glamour of the working lifestyle?

  2. Bucket bag

    The bucket bag climbed the ranks of handbag fame last year, due in part to minimalist accessories designer Mansur Gavriel and in another  the growing DIY community, but now it is 2016, going on 2017, and you can’t walk into a retail store and not see a version of it in some form.

    The bucket bag has a universally appealing shape: It is structured, but not too much, fashionable but not trendy, and the perfect size to carry around with you – not too large and not too big just perfect!

  3. Cosmetics bag

    Whether you need a large bag for home or a small one for on-the-go, there is cute and versatile options available everywhere. Pretty much every brand, retail store, and drug store has one by the make up aisle.

    From cute and chic to masculine with primary colours you can find it anywhere and for those of us that likes to travel often this certainly comes in handy.

  4. Envelope clutch

    Now, this bag is gorgeous. The fabric choices, the hand clappers, the minimalistic style – it is simple and elegant. I think this one is actually my favourite type out there. From the clutch style of Alexandre Wang to the floral printed ones by Jil Sander (As seen on the right side pic). Can I say, eye candy?

    Match the envelope clutch with some matching heels you will look ready for that interview while looking classy as hell.

  5. Messenger Bag (Courier Bag)

    “A type of sack, that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting it on the lower back.”

    Simple to use and the classier version of a bag pack the sport brands such as Adidas and Nike certainly has taken advantage of the market available here.




The poor artist coat – Just me?

As the winter season finally settles in I can’t help but wonder how people go out without a thick layer of clothing, knitted hats and scarves with leather gloves and the Uggs dug out from deep under your wardrobe!

This winter all the coat seems to have taken a step back into the past. With oversized coats at all the high street stores, patchworks, minimalistic, shearing, bright and vintage – there is no end in sight to the gorgeous choices you have this season! You really can’t go wrong with anything you have this year! Yay

As for me? With the wide variety of choices available I’ve decided to dig into my parent’s old wardrobe for that one coat that is oversized, patterned and bright!

Costumes, Makeup, Music … Action

Halloween is tomorrow! For those of us that celebrate it that is. When my family and friends go out we spend the whole afternoon celebrating halloween. This blog is about how I spent my day for Halloween and maybe you can take some ideas for yourself!

For the early day, we had a small pumpkin carving party. To prepare we bought pumpkins and reminded everybody on the group-chat to bring your own pumpkin. <Tip!: Make sure to prepare some knives, big bowls for the guts and a large mat/blanket/newspaper to cover the table or the floor>. We prepared group food too. Such as toffee and apple cake, pizzas, turn-overs, and other party foods aplenty. For those over 21 in the US, and over 18 in the most states of the EU we bought some Gin, beer, and mixers – such as 7up, grape-juice, apple juice etc. Some background music for the party and we were set to go.

Once the guests started arriving we drank, ate and made merry.  The whole afternoon after decorating the apartment with dark shawls, pumpkin lanterns and red and white tea light candles we prepared for a night out with halloween costumes and make-up. The girls dressed from David Bowie and Beyonce to Comic Book character and G-dragon back up dancer.

The club, RnB club, we went to was filled with halloween goers, dressed up as character from Pretty Girl, Captain America, Suicide Squad and even some classics such as the Beetlejuice and even the classic witch. It was crowded and people were grinding, flirting and dancing to the beat of the music in a floor filled with smoke, steam and lots of hugging and dancing. The atmosphere was awesome though.

On the ride back home one thing I thought was that the club did not play  Thriller by MJ. I, for one thought it was a little sad to an otherwise perfect party.


City Night Life

Love, Shoes or Money? Pick just one.

Have you noticed how for every event you need a different type of shoes? Have you seen the variety, style, sizes, or even the colour choices? Let’s not forget about the season appropriateness of the shoes. ‘Shoes are a necessity’, something no one can deny. The footwear industry itself is a multi-billion dollar sector of our modern economy. Last year alone the general population spent $29,750,000,000 in footwear alone in the US.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-00-27-43-copyAs someone that has a shoe collection, small as it might be (I have more than 20 pairs), I have participated in this circulation. Not to say, as the media like to proclaim, that I’m a shoe-aholic, at this point it is a necessity and not an addiction to continue our life-style.I do not have a problem with managing my money or shopping till the max of my credits. I have runners, flats, heels, sandals, hiking boots, summer boots, and even thick boots for winter and I still have some for my saving account.
Before you judge just try to count how many you have and how many have a specific function in your lifestyle – if you’re a runner, hiker, cyclist, even surfer do you not have a separate pair of shoes for the mountains, beaches or a different one to use depending on the weather?

For those that love shoes, and go shopping and the first thing you gravitate towards is the shoe section or the heels, how can I condemn it? It can make you look elegant, give you the support for a proper run, even give you confidence in your steps up a hike. The importance of shoes in sports, fashion runway, even everyday life is without a doubt unsurmountable.

The shoes, as anyone who has a sense of style will know, complete an outfit. It is not a fashion drama meltdown but rather something all of us know and accept. There is no if’s but’s or maybe’s about it. Have you ever seen a beautiful ball gown? If you are wearing an elegant heels then you completed an outfit or if you’re wearing boots a statement. The shoes make a statement. What it says depends on the rest of your outfit but make no mistake the shoes make the outfit.

Don’t get me started about footwear upkeep and maintenance shall we?

So let’s give this under-appreciated, underrated and vilified a round of applause.

Collage and Fashion – Moody?

To find inspiration we don’t look at a single thing. We create a theme from an image – autumn leaves, light effects, fabric patterns or even the weather. As the academics and professionals in the industry like to call it a “mood board”.

The function of this would be to help you to grow your idea from something solid – where you can see your inspiration in something solid. I like to rip into magazines.screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-20-02-47 Find what inspires me from the mix. Wether it’s clean, chaotic and geometric to bright pink or pastel. It’s all there.

So to make the mood board:

  1. Find a theme
  2. Prepare a collage
  3. Develop your idea
    1. Make sure that it ties into your “mood”
    2. It has a common theme and you can find it easily – make it obvious.

You can do this with magazines, photos, cuts or sketches on paper or through digital via photoshop, or other programs available.

I love finding online the little help videos on how-to of the fashion industry. I love Zoe Hong’s youtube channel. She is very precise and clear on what she wants and how to go about it. She is a treasure. So I’m sharing it with you guys.

Art and Fashion, a love story for all of times?

Art is central to my life. It has been since I was in kindergarten and was doing crafts with the fall leaves. Fashion came into my life later.

I think it began from when I was in my early teens, sneaking into my cousins room and looking at her catwalk sketches. They were glamorous. My mother was not into fashion – she wore conservative clothes suitable work her university teaching career, but I can still smell the perfume she wore back then. It was comforting while adding a touch of glitter to her life.

I remember starting the competition with my younger sister on who drew that outfit better or which outfit better fit the description of “glamorous night out”. From then on the thought of fashion and art has been deeply interwoven for me.

But I would like to think that it’s not just me that feel that way. Art and fashion has been in a passionate dance since the very beginning. Fashion deeply in love with art even till this day.

The collaborative work of Yves Saint Laurent and Piet Mondrian Hermès design with their blocky grids of primary colours and geometrical designs represented a whole era of the century. The printed graphics, graffiti, pop art (Versace’s 1991 Pop Art Collection, anyone?) and even expressive phrases on t-shirts. For who can not appreciate someone with the T “She went out like a 40 watt lightbulb”. If we bring it back to the big names how about 2013 Alexandre McQueen’s collaboration with Damien Hurst, or even the colaboration between Yayoi Kusama and Louis Vuitton in 2012.

I just can’t imagine the buzz in the studio. *Dreamily stare off into space.*



Style – Comfort, Beauty, pain and pleasure or maybe all?

Fashion is all about presenting the best foot forward. Style is about that signature in your image that you can always find in your outfit. For this little bit how far would you go? Would it be comfort or the effort? Would you go for a little bit of pain for that extra special finish?

Throughout history people have tried everything for fashion and style, with layers of makeup, pinching of cheeks, to the breath stolen by the strict corsets. I think I’m one of those people that have romanticized fashion, of what it means.

“A little girl lying on her bed with her head rested on her hands watching her mother put on powder and spritz perfume, and walk out the door towards the dad on her delicate high heels and faux fur coat. ”

I think about how beautiful she looks while looking on, and now when I think back I see how confident and sexy she looked and can’t help but wonder whether that glam and glitter gave her pinches in her heels or would the chill have bit her high cheeks.  The beauty and comfort she exude comes from her scent and clothing is something I can almost feel, but as a fellow girl I can’t help but feel sympathy for her feet.

This might sounds conflicting but I feel as if style and fashion is something that is a signature to you and a little bit of pain is  worth it just to feel like yourself. Don’t misunderstand being at home, in your pajamas, your hair in a messy bun and your feet bare is incredibly sexy too, but I feel as if fashion and style identifies a person, and for that a little pain is worth it.



Leather, Metal, Chains and Animals?

Perhaps one of the biggest and best thing about fashion is the ability to recreate oneself. I love fashion in that I can express myself in whole. What I wear will reflect who I am, where I am going, and even what I do for work, but don’t take it too seriously. Explore what is out there, cut up your magazines and create a collage of what you want and try it for starters. Travel and see who wears what here and there – after all Asians, Americans, Africans, Canadians etc. all wear different clothes and have unique style. So why not enjoy ourselves with it? Have fun and don’t take it seriously, after all what’s in today may not be there tomorrow.

Being playful is what you should be all about. After all we are on this earth only once, so why not go out with a bang? Wear that geometrical dress, that goes so well with your tribal bangles and cute animal necklace. It will be smashing ladies! How about that pinstripe suits, gentlemen? After all being cut and tailored is something I would love to see the lads in, and won’t deprive the ladies of the power-suit either!


Play with textures – the chain bag, with that silk wine dress? Devine and delicious. That baby blue bag with those gorgeous pumps, you are kicking it! Go on, dig into your wardrobe and play with your clothes, after all we are all playing dress up in our lives, are we not?