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My New Year’s Resolution!

The last few weeks have been spent between relatively being frozen in my room and juggling my need to move constantly.  One thing that I’ve become obsessed with early spring (?) cleaning.From digging into my wardrobe to welcome the new year with open arms to fighting dust balls hiding under furniture in the corners. I think that is enough of what I’ve done so far in the month of December. Please excuse the lack of update in the month of December from me. Thank you.

With that long intro; Welcome to the year 2017 ladies and gentleman! With amazing movies, songs, art and fashion in the coming months it is already looking so good *squee*

I’ve never believed in the New Years Resolution, but this year I thought I might just start this, and see how long I will last! A challenge to myself. Rather than just focusing on productivity and health I want to focus on the fun thing in life.

  1. Music! I think we can all agree that music is the part of life that can give you the joy – we have all at one point had thought if only we had music effects like movies in our life. Wether we go running, groceries and even shopping – it can make all thing in life much more fun or in some cases endurable. *wink wink*


    Streets in rain – Europe

  2. Arts – Ok, lets take a step back and admit that I actually went to gallery opening, helped out backstage, did some of the research, to the local museums, theatres, musicals etc. However, I still feel like I should have visited more galleries – so far I’ve gone through galleries in London, Paris, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Dublin etc. But this time I will sit down in one of these galleries and take the time, or something. I think we can all agree that arts is one of the important parts of culture so yes visit more of these  places and maybe as a throwback to kinder garden do a full on report on the blog – after all we don’t want to forget about them so quickly do we?
  3. Languages – Now this is something that will show results within the first few months. I think I will make steps in this plan, maybe up my ante on the French language – try a blog post in one? Maybe something on singers – Edith Piaf, anyone?
  4. Fashion – This is the one that I think everyone is interested in. For now I think my goal would be to watch all the catwalks of the next seasons. Sketch some of the models and clothing, and at least learn to appreciate one item of clothing outside my comfort zone. Another would be to get some of my suits to be refitted.


    The open sky from my window.

  5. Last but not least go somewhere hot this year! Maybe it is just the winter in Ireland thing but I’m starting to dream about sandy beaches with tropical sun, migrating sand dunes with crystal blue lagoons, and exotic colours and strange spicy food! Well here’s to the new year!

    Does this sound like a to do list than a resolution to anyone else? No, just me?

As always thank you for the love, likes, and views!

Welcome to the year 2017 everyone, lets make it a great one!




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