How to survive a long haul flight.

Can we all say that we love travelling? Seeing new places, faces, sights, food and so on.
However one of the things that we will all have to endure is the long haul flight. For those that get air sick? Good luck!

For this short post I will be blogging about how to survive the long haul flight to you chosen destination.

  1. Stay Healthy

    A human being is not made to sit still for long periods in one go. So walk up and down the aisle. Stretch. Do arm, joint, neck etc exercises in your seat.

    Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated before, during and after is important too! Less caffeine the better. Bring a water bottle – you know when you have to go through security you have to throw away anything liquid on you? Well bring tea bags, some instant coffee etc. You can refill along the way. Nifty right?

    The plane is cold. Bring some fluffy socks and a jumper. Chances are long haul flights will go through a night cycle so you will feel somewhat chilly. Wearing comfortable clothes is vital here.

    Try to bring something that will  help you sleep. Wether it’s a neck pillow, a sleeping pill, or a thick book you will need some help sleeping upright.

  2. Distraction for the long hours

    There will always be loud noises on the plane, whether it be from noisy children, loud people in general or the general noise of large mass of people within a confined space screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-17-41-54for a long time. Get yourself some noise cancelling earphones. These are life savers. Life Savers.

    On that note bring your USB too. Most long haul flights will have a plug connector. You should be able to charge your phone, tablet etc. while on your journey.

  3.  Take note!

    Have a pen at hand! It might seem a bit ridiculous to mention it but when you are crossing borders (hello? Long flight?) there will always be entry/exit information that you need to fill in. A pen is always useful.

  4. Carry on luggage.

    Now I know that putting in that extra kilo of shopping into your carry on is looking very attractive, but leave it in the luggage case. In you carry on you shouldn’t have anything too heavy. Something extra on your carry on can mean less legroom for you – and after fifteen hours you will wish you didn’t bring it on.

    Some books, phone, tablet, earphones, toiletries etc. Some stuff that will help you pass the time.

  5. Be Safe.

    Now, I know when you are tired and grumpy from being squeezed into a tiny place with lots of people can be annoying but that is just it. You are in a public place. Keep your money, purse, identification, bag etc. safe. If your have a backpack, a gym bag etc as you carry on. Put it in the overhead – that’s fine.

    Make sure you have a small bag as well though – for your identifications, tickets, money, cards etc.


Cheers and have a fun flight! Maybe if you have some tips of your own write it down?





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