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A Bag Lover’s Guide – Types Pt1

  1. Luggage Case

    Considering that everyone likes to travel – wether it’s a trip, moving, camp, stay-cation or vacation we can all agree that what we need is a luggage bag. Preferably with four wheels that go all directions, a handle that does not get stuck and lightweight so we can use it for maximum effectiveness.

    I really don’t think we need to deliberate on exactly what it is and how it is one piece that everyone has.

  2.  Clutch

    For those of us that have phones, purses, and a spare lipstick for a refresher this is a crucial one for a night out! Going for an art gallery, museum, movies and even just hanging out with your mates, this is a piece that most of us have, and for some of us need in our lives.

    It can dress up an outfit or make a statement – some of those arts (studs anyone?) and graphics – to finish an outfit. Maybe even start a conversation even.

  3.  Bag-pack

    Now the less we say about this the better right? Let’s just say we all remember having to carry a bag-pack to and fro from school, wether it was filled with books, food, or anything else is not in question here. Just that we all had it.

    screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-21-02-52Now the question isn’t for the bag-pack from our childhood but rather the one we use for hiking, back packing, globe trotting. The one that will contain our lively hood once we start our tour of the world, one city at a time – back packing across the globe.

  4.  Gym bag

    Your gym bag is a daily struggle. There are countless blogs and post dedicated to packing your gym bag. There are gym owners, fitness fanatics and personal trainers that have logged hours into the gym and have hit a snag here and there.

    It need to be light, have space for extras, your gym outfit, towels, extra chargers, water bottles. Need I go on?

  5. Minaudiere

    screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-13-39-01 That is to say – the perfect companion for a  night out. Cute, perfect and will hold your  lipgloss, ID, and even some cash for the ride home! You can dance with it and is not too big that you need to hand it over in the cloak room!
    Can we say anymore here?


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