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The Bag Lover’s Guide – Introduction

Can we all take a moment and appreciate the beauty of bags! Handbags, clutches, flap bags, mini bags, the large sports bags can I go on or what?

There is nothing to be upset about if you’re addicted to bag shopping! If you’re not into splashing out on a bag, you can still spend a bit on getting that bag that will bring your outfit together.

It makes tracksuit and t-shirts look chic with the perfect bag. It is also functional! You use it for throwing any of your junk you carry – you make-up bag, your phone and other tech, an extra sweater or cardigan, or even flats for when your heels are killing you! It is an essential wardrobe piece. Everyone has one – whether it is for functionality or a fashion statement. It is a staple in our lives. I think what we can all agree is a bag is essential to us!

If you do like to splash a bit on bags then – have you seen those bejewelled one, or the one that has the artwork incorporated into the design? There are waiting lists on some of these bags and some could pay for your holiday! Don’t get me started on the Hermès Birkins. Drool…

This is only part 1 of a series. I’m not sure exactly how we will go about it. By the seasons? designers? or maybe the top 10’s?



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