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Love, Shoes or Money? Pick just one.

Have you noticed how for every event you need a different type of shoes? Have you seen the variety, style, sizes, or even the colour choices? Let’s not forget about the season appropriateness of the shoes. ‘Shoes are a necessity’, something no one can deny. The footwear industry itself is a multi-billion dollar sector of our modern economy. Last year alone the general population spent $29,750,000,000 in footwear alone in the US.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-00-27-43-copyAs someone that has a shoe collection, small as it might be (I have more than 20 pairs), I have participated in this circulation. Not to say, as the media like to proclaim, that I’m a shoe-aholic, at this point it is a necessity and not an addiction to continue our life-style.I do not have a problem with managing my money or shopping till the max of my credits. I have runners, flats, heels, sandals, hiking boots, summer boots, and even thick boots for winter and I still have some for my saving account.
Before you judge just try to count how many you have and how many have a specific function in your lifestyle – if you’re a runner, hiker, cyclist, even surfer do you not have a separate pair of shoes for the mountains, beaches or a different one to use depending on the weather?

For those that love shoes, and go shopping and the first thing you gravitate towards is the shoe section or the heels, how can I condemn it? It can make you look elegant, give you the support for a proper run, even give you confidence in your steps up a hike. The importance of shoes in sports, fashion runway, even everyday life is without a doubt unsurmountable.

The shoes, as anyone who has a sense of style will know, complete an outfit. It is not a fashion drama meltdown but rather something all of us know and accept. There is no if’s but’s or maybe’s about it. Have you ever seen a beautiful ball gown? If you are wearing an elegant heels then you completed an outfit or if you’re wearing boots a statement. The shoes make a statement. What it says depends on the rest of your outfit but make no mistake the shoes make the outfit.

Don’t get me started about footwear upkeep and maintenance shall we?

So let’s give this under-appreciated, underrated and vilified a round of applause.


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