Be Bold -After all you only get to live once

“I want to look back at my life and say wow what a journey – I don’t want to regret the choices that I didn’t take.”

Does that mean I’m a risk taker?

Actually, I’m not.

I don’t need a car, a house, a relationship to be the forefront of my life. Whenever I feel like I’m getting to used to a place, too focused on a single thing I try to take a step back. Maybe that’s very selfish but I don’t want to be pulled to all sides by those I love, or be hyper focused and lose everything else.IMG_0942.jpg I want to experience what I’ve dreamed of when I was a child, without feeling like I’m stealing myself from them. I don’t want the riches or big mansion. I want a home cooked meal, cuddles on the couch, enjoy my work , what I do, while have the time to see everything there is to see in this world.

I want to taste croissants in Paris, eat sushi in Japan, drink martini from the highest building in the world, see the sunset from the top of the pyramids and swim in a lagoon. I want to go skinny dipping in the dark, ride a motorcycle over wide open roads, ride a camel across the Gobi desert, collect seashells by Thai beaches, hike across the Incan trail in Peru. Most of all I don’t want to just want them, to leave them on my bucket list – to do just before I die. So like everything that need to be done, I have a deadline. Make the time. Take a break and forget everything once in a while.

Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s a trip not a life changing event where you will become a completely different person if you just do that one thing. Take a Friday or Monday off, a long weekend. Save a penny or dollar or yen here and there for that indulgence – it won’t be much but it every little counts right?

Time management – Fly out in the evening after work and fly in the evening before. Make most of it. Plan ahead and book the day off, the hotel, hostel or appointments even. Take the time to be just yourself and  be selfish – taking the time for yourself will improve every other aspect in your life.


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