Collage and Fashion – Moody?

To find inspiration we don’t look at a single thing. We create a theme from an image – autumn leaves, light effects, fabric patterns or even the weather. As the academics and professionals in the industry like to call it a “mood board”.

The function of this would be to help you to grow your idea from something solid – where you can see your inspiration in something solid. I like to rip into magazines.screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-20-02-47 Find what inspires me from the mix. Wether it’s clean, chaotic and geometric to bright pink or pastel. It’s all there.

So to make the mood board:

  1. Find a theme
  2. Prepare a collage
  3. Develop your idea
    1. Make sure that it ties into your “mood”
    2. It has a common theme and you can find it easily – make it obvious.

You can do this with magazines, photos, cuts or sketches on paper or through digital via photoshop, or other programs available.

I love finding online the little help videos on how-to of the fashion industry. I love Zoe Hong’s youtube channel. She is very precise and clear on what she wants and how to go about it. She is a treasure. So I’m sharing it with you guys.


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