Pumpkin soup recipe! Simple and Wickedly Delish >:)

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 17.11.49.png

1 pumpkin
1 onion
1 carrot
2 sticks of celery
2 cup of vegetable/chicken stock
1 cup of cream
Salt, Pepper and Chilli Flakes



  1. Cut the pumpkin in half. Deseed and remove the guts. You can roast the seeds but the guts are not to be used. Roughly cut imprints into the pumpkin with your knife. Season to taste using salt, pepper and chilli flakes.
    Tips: Use a little extra as pumpkin is sweet!
    Roast the pumpkin in the oven at 200 celsius for 30 minutes.
  2. Dice the carrot, celery and onion.
  3. Sauté everything in a non-stick pot. Add the stock into the mixture.
  4. Bring to boil.Reduce heat to low, and simmer uncovered for 30 minutes.
  5. Add Cream to the soup and stir the soup until fully mixed.
  6. Puree in small batches.
    1. Safety tip:
      1. Do no purée when hot – it is dangerous
      2. Purée with a towel over the lid
      3. Purée when it’s not too cold as if it is cold;
        It will be stiffer & harder to mix once cold.
  7. Heat all the small batches in the pot.
    N.B: Make sure to watch over it as the soup once boiled will splatter in small blobs.pumpkins

Costumes, Makeup, Music … Action

Halloween is tomorrow! For those of us that celebrate it that is. When my family and friends go out we spend the whole afternoon celebrating halloween. This blog is about how I spent my day for Halloween and maybe you can take some ideas for yourself!

For the early day, we had a small pumpkin carving party. To prepare we bought pumpkins and reminded everybody on the group-chat to bring your own pumpkin. <Tip!: Make sure to prepare some knives, big bowls for the guts and a large mat/blanket/newspaper to cover the table or the floor>. We prepared group food too. Such as toffee and apple cake, pizzas, turn-overs, and other party foods aplenty. For those over 21 in the US, and over 18 in the most states of the EU we bought some Gin, beer, and mixers – such as 7up, grape-juice, apple juice etc. Some background music for the party and we were set to go.

Once the guests started arriving we drank, ate and made merry.  The whole afternoon after decorating the apartment with dark shawls, pumpkin lanterns and red and white tea light candles we prepared for a night out with halloween costumes and make-up. The girls dressed from David Bowie and Beyonce to Comic Book character and G-dragon back up dancer.

The club, RnB club, we went to was filled with halloween goers, dressed up as character from Pretty Girl, Captain America, Suicide Squad and even some classics such as the Beetlejuice and even the classic witch. It was crowded and people were grinding, flirting and dancing to the beat of the music in a floor filled with smoke, steam and lots of hugging and dancing. The atmosphere was awesome though.

On the ride back home one thing I thought was that the club did not play  Thriller by MJ. I, for one thought it was a little sad to an otherwise perfect party.


Lingerie. Sexy as hell – for me, myself and I.

Hello girls and ladies!

I’m curvy.

I have big boobs but not butt to speak of. I’ve flabby bell, chubby fingers and I’m happy with my body. I love my skin, my boobs and my legs. I’ve no complaints. But.

<< Ranting from here: I went shopping for some lingerie today, there was some great sales going on (bargain!), but the ring and cup size was too small! There were some really great fabric choices too – laces and everything pretty. And some that were my size was padded. I already have a pretty sizeable one I don’t need extra padding! Ranting finished>>

When talking about lingerie you can’t not talk about Victoria’s Secret. Those are so pretty and comfortable! The fashion show, on top, is great to watch too! I love them. As I watch it though I feel for those girls – look how high those heels are. Ouch!

Ok! Back to topic. Lingerie makes you feel sexy and powerful. One important thing is you have to get measured and get the right size for your body – it will be super comfortable and will support you properly. Let’s not get started about the confidence boost once you’ve one of these babies on. Even when no one can see them and it’s just for you, you walk confidently down the street and feel extra happy. Like an armour for your confidence – like chocolate. I love chocolate. Chocolate is beautiful.

I think the next blog would be about chocolate. My appreciation of chocolate fudge cake and what a proper fudge cake is!


Fashion Taboo: Is This Really Fashion? — Meziesblog

Most gentlemen and ladies love fashion but not when it’s crazy or wild. Truth be told, a few men would prefer admiring and fantasizing in secret while protesting against half-naked women in public. Self-righteousness isn’t an unforgivable sin. Freedom is a right, so one might rightly argue that it’s super cool for women to dress […]

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City Night Life

Love, Shoes or Money? Pick just one.

Have you noticed how for every event you need a different type of shoes? Have you seen the variety, style, sizes, or even the colour choices? Let’s not forget about the season appropriateness of the shoes. ‘Shoes are a necessity’, something no one can deny. The footwear industry itself is a multi-billion dollar sector of our modern economy. Last year alone the general population spent $29,750,000,000 in footwear alone in the US.

screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-00-27-43-copyAs someone that has a shoe collection, small as it might be (I have more than 20 pairs), I have participated in this circulation. Not to say, as the media like to proclaim, that I’m a shoe-aholic, at this point it is a necessity and not an addiction to continue our life-style.I do not have a problem with managing my money or shopping till the max of my credits. I have runners, flats, heels, sandals, hiking boots, summer boots, and even thick boots for winter and I still have some for my saving account.
Before you judge just try to count how many you have and how many have a specific function in your lifestyle – if you’re a runner, hiker, cyclist, even surfer do you not have a separate pair of shoes for the mountains, beaches or a different one to use depending on the weather?

For those that love shoes, and go shopping and the first thing you gravitate towards is the shoe section or the heels, how can I condemn it? It can make you look elegant, give you the support for a proper run, even give you confidence in your steps up a hike. The importance of shoes in sports, fashion runway, even everyday life is without a doubt unsurmountable.

The shoes, as anyone who has a sense of style will know, complete an outfit. It is not a fashion drama meltdown but rather something all of us know and accept. There is no if’s but’s or maybe’s about it. Have you ever seen a beautiful ball gown? If you are wearing an elegant heels then you completed an outfit or if you’re wearing boots a statement. The shoes make a statement. What it says depends on the rest of your outfit but make no mistake the shoes make the outfit.

Don’t get me started about footwear upkeep and maintenance shall we?

So let’s give this under-appreciated, underrated and vilified a round of applause.

Your signature impression.

“A woman who doesn’t wear a perfume has no future.”

– Coco Chanel

Are you a hard-core perfume expert or a lurker in the edges of the “fume-heads”? Perfume is a world of it’s own – from designers to celebrities you see them do it over and over again.

I love perfumes – had a collection since I was 6 years old, follow some blogs around (have you seen Kafkaesque, the best out there to help you ease into the world of perfume and fragrance) and when I’m in the perfume aisle I snoop around for samples.

thumb_DSC_0591_1024.pngNow as to the importance of fragrance. When you hug someone a hello or even walk by them can you smell their B.O? Is that not a complete turn off? How about someone at a date? When you kiss their cheek, do you smell musk and leather or summer night at a festival? Would it be a turn on or a turn off?

The scent of J’adore bring me to my childhood. I can remember my mom preparing for work, going out the door  after a splash of the perfume over her coat. The scent of baking and cooking apples coated in caramels reminds me of my grandmother.

The way I see it shoes complete an outfit and the perfume completes your image. It will leave the lasting impression. Wether you want to look sultry for a special someone or powered up for a conference in a board meeting, fragrance is important. Do you want to smell like you just got out of a gym – a wet dog? Or put together and prepared  – maybe a classic?

Choosing the right fragrance is also important.

Be Bold -After all you only get to live once

“I want to look back at my life and say wow what a journey – I don’t want to regret the choices that I didn’t take.”

Does that mean I’m a risk taker?

Actually, I’m not.

I don’t need a car, a house, a relationship to be the forefront of my life. Whenever I feel like I’m getting to used to a place, too focused on a single thing I try to take a step back. Maybe that’s very selfish but I don’t want to be pulled to all sides by those I love, or be hyper focused and lose everything else.IMG_0942.jpg I want to experience what I’ve dreamed of when I was a child, without feeling like I’m stealing myself from them. I don’t want the riches or big mansion. I want a home cooked meal, cuddles on the couch, enjoy my work , what I do, while have the time to see everything there is to see in this world.

I want to taste croissants in Paris, eat sushi in Japan, drink martini from the highest building in the world, see the sunset from the top of the pyramids and swim in a lagoon. I want to go skinny dipping in the dark, ride a motorcycle over wide open roads, ride a camel across the Gobi desert, collect seashells by Thai beaches, hike across the Incan trail in Peru. Most of all I don’t want to just want them, to leave them on my bucket list – to do just before I die. So like everything that need to be done, I have a deadline. Make the time. Take a break and forget everything once in a while.

Don’t make a big deal out of it. It’s a trip not a life changing event where you will become a completely different person if you just do that one thing. Take a Friday or Monday off, a long weekend. Save a penny or dollar or yen here and there for that indulgence – it won’t be much but it every little counts right?

Time management – Fly out in the evening after work and fly in the evening before. Make most of it. Plan ahead and book the day off, the hotel, hostel or appointments even. Take the time to be just yourself and  be selfish – taking the time for yourself will improve every other aspect in your life.

Collage and Fashion – Moody?

To find inspiration we don’t look at a single thing. We create a theme from an image – autumn leaves, light effects, fabric patterns or even the weather. As the academics and professionals in the industry like to call it a “mood board”.

The function of this would be to help you to grow your idea from something solid – where you can see your inspiration in something solid. I like to rip into magazines.screen-shot-2016-10-07-at-20-02-47 Find what inspires me from the mix. Wether it’s clean, chaotic and geometric to bright pink or pastel. It’s all there.

So to make the mood board:

  1. Find a theme
  2. Prepare a collage
  3. Develop your idea
    1. Make sure that it ties into your “mood”
    2. It has a common theme and you can find it easily – make it obvious.

You can do this with magazines, photos, cuts or sketches on paper or through digital via photoshop, or other programs available.

I love finding online the little help videos on how-to of the fashion industry. I love Zoe Hong’s youtube channel. She is very precise and clear on what she wants and how to go about it. She is a treasure. So I’m sharing it with you guys.