Style – Comfort, Beauty, pain and pleasure or maybe all?

Fashion is all about presenting the best foot forward. Style is about that signature in your image that you can always find in your outfit. For this little bit how far would you go? Would it be comfort or the effort? Would you go for a little bit of pain for that extra special finish?

Throughout history people have tried everything for fashion and style, with layers of makeup, pinching of cheeks, to the breath stolen by the strict corsets. I think I’m one of those people that have romanticized fashion, of what it means.

“A little girl lying on her bed with her head rested on her hands watching her mother put on powder and spritz perfume, and walk out the door towards the dad on her delicate high heels and faux fur coat. ”

I think about how beautiful she looks while looking on, and now when I think back I see how confident and sexy she looked and can’t help but wonder whether that glam and glitter gave her pinches in her heels or would the chill have bit her high cheeks.  The beauty and comfort she exude comes from her scent and clothing is something I can almost feel, but as a fellow girl I can’t help but feel sympathy for her feet.

This might sounds conflicting but I feel as if style and fashion is something that is a signature to you and a little bit of pain is  worth it just to feel like yourself. Don’t misunderstand being at home, in your pajamas, your hair in a messy bun and your feet bare is incredibly sexy too, but I feel as if fashion and style identifies a person, and for that a little pain is worth it.




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