Vintage and in Season? Thrift store

IMG_0877Are you watching Youtube videos on shopping through Thrift stores and finding that vintage jacket that you can spice up your wardrobe with? Maybe watching the fashion catwalks with their quirky vintage jackets and that clutch very similar to the one you found in that store you saw in that shop?

Ever find treasure at the bottom of a box, at the bottom of the wardrobe or room that you never venture to? Do you have a coat from your dad, and the ring from your mom that you keep just because? Do you have that necklace your friends gave on your birthday, the one that they pooled their money for? Aren’t those the things that you treasure and box away until they become “vintage”?, because they are precious, beautiful even, that you just keep and keep and keep for months on months, years on years?

I love “vintage”. Those loved and old items that you keep, you can feel the history and devotion they have soaked up through time, through their threads and wear of the fabric.

Isn’t that what is vintage? The latest fashion is finding that piece again and giving them a modern twist. Why not join the movement? Become “Vintage”.


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