Leather, Metal, Chains and Animals?

Perhaps one of the biggest and best thing about fashion is the ability to recreate oneself. I love fashion in that I can express myself in whole. What I wear will reflect who I am, where I am going, and even what I do for work, but don’t take it too seriously. Explore what is out there, cut up your magazines and create a collage of what you want and try it for starters. Travel and see who wears what here and there – after all Asians, Americans, Africans, Canadians etc. all wear different clothes and have unique style. So why not enjoy ourselves with it? Have fun and don’t take it seriously, after all what’s in today may not be there tomorrow.

Being playful is what you should be all about. After all we are on this earth only once, so why not go out with a bang? Wear that geometrical dress, that goes so well with your tribal bangles and cute animal necklace. It will be smashing ladies! How about that pinstripe suits, gentlemen? After all being cut and tailored is something I would love to see the lads in, and won’t deprive the ladies of the power-suit either!


Play with textures – the chain bag, with that silk wine dress? Devine and delicious. That baby blue bag with those gorgeous pumps, you are kicking it! Go on, dig into your wardrobe and play with your clothes, after all we are all playing dress up in our lives, are we not?


Millennial Generation – Too much?

“Why does our generation have such bad reputation? I don’t understand. Can you explain, please?”

We are the generation of communication, of discovering ourselves, of finding out what is out there, accepting and welcoming the differences. We love labels, discovery, and finding who we are. We are, as a generation, multicultural and global. We love meeting people from all corners of the world. We in fact strive towards it. We want to accept the new people in our lives.

Please, understand that our goals are different, our expectations are brighter, our lifestyle is luxurious, but, we work harder, we study longer, we compete fanatically, we expect more from ourselves and the people around us. That does not make us a bad employee, friend, people etc., in fact that makes us just, more.


A camera’s perspective – Yours or Mine?

Through a person’s perspective you find how that person experience the world. That perspective is a tinted glass, whether it is made of roses or thorns depends on you life experience.

” The sun peaks through the clouds and the stars starts to disappear from the horizon. Slowly the rays starts to cast silver and gold lights around the clouds and the darkness from the night slowly fades as the light sweeps the valley. “

This is my perspective. Whether it is roses or thorns? I have no idea.

The one thing about the life is that everything comes full circle. The good, the bad, the awful and the breath taking. So what part will you focus on gives the tint, optimist or pessimist. Only through the tough can we see the soft, for how do you know if it is rough if you have never felt soft? No matter how awful something is you can never appreciate the beauty without the ugly. The same could be said for food, shelter, clothes, riches, friends,  and family and anything else you could think of. We appreciate those because we feel it when we don’t necessarily have those. After all “distance makes you fonder”, you only realise how good you have it once it is missing from your side. You are too close to see the bigger picture, you only see the dots.

Appreciation has to do with understanding things from a perspective. Again, stay with me, perspective is what leads to arguments right?, after all, we all want to lead a good life at the end. So love everything and try to understand, we all want the same thing, it is just that everyone’s good feels different to each of us.





Vintage and in Season? Thrift store

IMG_0877Are you watching Youtube videos on shopping through Thrift stores and finding that vintage jacket that you can spice up your wardrobe with? Maybe watching the fashion catwalks with their quirky vintage jackets and that clutch very similar to the one you found in that store you saw in that shop?

Ever find treasure at the bottom of a box, at the bottom of the wardrobe or room that you never venture to? Do you have a coat from your dad, and the ring from your mom that you keep just because? Do you have that necklace your friends gave on your birthday, the one that they pooled their money for? Aren’t those the things that you treasure and box away until they become “vintage”?, because they are precious, beautiful even, that you just keep and keep and keep for months on months, years on years?

I love “vintage”. Those loved and old items that you keep, you can feel the history and devotion they have soaked up through time, through their threads and wear of the fabric.

Isn’t that what is vintage? The latest fashion is finding that piece again and giving them a modern twist. Why not join the movement? Become “Vintage”.