Venture into the unknown with me?

“If you wish to move the mountains tomorrow you must start by lifting the stones today”

Early mornings, running to the office, meeting, school, university, harried lunch meetings, reports for the next day that just has to be done, late night meetings that means you have to come in on the weekends and then you finally collapse into your bed after the shortest dinner and shower. The weekend is another word for sleeping and trying to get rid of your bone deep exhaustion.

Do you want to find relief from your daily schedule? To take a nap and actually have a dream where you enjoy yourself instead of the rough stumble and the panic that you have forgotten something important for the next day?

Don’t you want to see what is on top of that mountain, don’t you want to breathe in and actually feel the fresh air go into your lungs without the panic setting in too? Why not go out over the weekend. Travel.

Travel does not mean you spend your stash of savings in one go. Travel means do something you haven’t. That baked three types of chocolate chip cookies that you just watched on the TV, Youtube or read on the Recipe book? Why not try to bake it? It tastes better than anything store bought, and don’t they say that baking relieves stress?

Have you went to a church, a synagogue, temple yet? Don’t have the time or patience for the preaching and the holier attitude? Why not go just for the quiet, the art, the silence you just can’t find elsewhere in this modern world? Even the music is something non intrusive.

Do some completely new. Look at that pattern and go Wow, that is beautiful, even when it is the ugliest thing you have seen, because there is beauty in that. Go hiking, swimming, go to that corner of the city, country, world that you just haven’t went to yet. Go bungee jumping, try skateboarding, knitting or even learn to cycle. Talk to that stranger with that gorgeous bag and ask where she bought it. Start a conversation even though it feels like you are jumping off a cliff.

After all, what is the point of life? You only live once, if you get caught up in the daily schedule of your lifestyle won’t you regret it at the end? I would. It could be short as they say or long as you will allow. Why not do something? Don’t blow everything but just try something new every day, week or month. There is no timetable to follow. Try.

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