Fashion or Me?

“I’m not pretty. I don’t want to be pretty. I want to have style.
It is more important to have style.”

I learned this from the icon and legend Iris Apef. I love the fact that she has travelled around the world and developed herself, that she explored and learned new things. She has expanded her horizon.

It is important to travel and discover what is out there. If I hadn’t travelled I wouldn’t know how people live out there. What being rich means in one place to another, what poor means from one country to another, what beauty is in one place to another and what I am, where I am. What the sunrise is like in Hong Kong, what the mountains feel under your feet over the mountains in Mongolia, what the wind tastes like by the ocean shore in Ireland is what makes me me.

Once I’ve learned to express myself and between all the lights and fast footsteps, the fashion I want and the style I’ve found, it is unique because I’ve accumulated into me.

So go out there and find it, travel the world, or your neighbourhood, go backpacking, watch movies, (watch the Bucket List, the most beautiful and sad movie there is) listen to people and find your style.

2015-06-04 10.54.29


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